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The app framework for an individual mobility experience.

With the mobilityStack, cities and companies are bringing mobility offers in their ecosystem into one app - user-friendly and flexible.

The app that gets to know its users.

Mobility und non-mobility Services

On one display, users find all the relevant mobility offers and non-mobility services in their area. Different modes of transport can be compared and trips can be planned holistically.

Personalized offers

The context engine of the mobilityStack combines real-time data with account-based personalization. In this way, the app gets to know its users and offers them the optimal traffic offers and information at the right time and in the right place.

All functions via a central log-in

To enable a seamless user experience, the user has access to all relevant mobility offers via a single log-in.

Integrated ticketing & payment

Whether bike sharing, parking lot booking or public transport ticket, the payment of the different offers can be done easily digitally with the payment method preferred by the user.

The frontend that grows with your requirements.

Flexible integration of new services

Thanks to the flexible IT architecture and the modular front end, new modalities and functions can be continuously integrated. This is how you offer your users a mobility app in which you can further develop your offer in the long term.

Embedding in your system landscape

All components of the mobilityStack are designed to be as flexible as the requirements of our customers are: No set-up is like the other. We fit agile into your IT and app landscape in order to develop the best and most sustainable solution together.

Visualisierung Ihrer Marke

Whitelabeling was yesterday: you get an app that is as individual as your offer. Not only your corporate design is presented at the highest level but also your services.

Your data, your customers

With the mobilityStack you get your individual Mobility as a Service solution, with which you always retain data sovereignty and are in direct contact with your customers. 


The implementation of a mobility as a service solution is often a major challenge for our customers. We are happy to accompany and advise you from the first idea to the technical implementation of your app.

Wir verstehen uns selbst als Barrierenlöser, Impulsgeber und Möglichmacher, da wir nicht nur herausfinden, was Sie wirklich benötigen, sondern auch wissen wie Sie es erfolgreich umsetzen können. Wir binden Sie und Ihre Stakeholder aktiv in den Beratungsprozess mit ein, anstatt im stillen Kämmerlein in der Glaskugel zu lesen. Unser Ansatz basiert auf dem Prinzip der Co-Creation und der Human Centered Innovation. Dabei bestimmt jedoch Ihre Herausforderung unseren Prozess. Wie dies aussehen kann, erklären wir Ihnen gerne auf unserer Beratungsseite oder in einem persönlichen Gespräch.