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Mobility App for Mainz

InsertEFFECT is developing a mobility app with intermodal timetable information for Mainz mobility (Mainz Transport Company (MVG) ). The agile Mobility-as-a-Service platform combines a user-centered front end with maximum flexibility for the integration of all urban mobility offers.

Requirements and objectives

With the new mobility app, MVG wants to give its customers user-oriented access to Mainz mobility offers. A central mobility-as-a-service platform, which combines all public transport offers and other mobility offers such as bike and car sharing, is intended to increase the attractiveness of mobility offers and simplify access for users. With the introduction of the MaaS app, the MVG expects a strengthening of the environmental network and gains in the urban modal split through a reduction in motorized individual transport (MIV) and a reduction in traffic-related NOx emissions in the Mainz city area.


The development of the flexible MaaS app for mobility in Mainz goes hand in hand with a dynamic that requires close cooperation with the customer. At insertEFFECT, we face this challenge with an agile methodology. We support the project with extensive advice and moderation of workshops with MVG employees. Linking isolated processes to sprints and a joint sprint review appointment enable flexible and transparent implementation. The results obtained are then processed for the conception and development of the software.


The iOS and Android app developed by insertEFFECT in close cooperation with the MVG meets all the demands of Mainz mobility for a user-centered mobility platform. The mobilityStack app framework developed by insertEFFECT enables flexible integration of existing and future mobility services. The app is being developed step by step: The implementation of the Minimum Viable Products (MVP), which initially only integrates the relevant core functions, is followed by continuous improvement and adaptation of the app to changing customer needs and mobility offers. In addition to the public transport timetable information and ticket purchase, the app's central functions also include intermodal timetable information across various forms of transport, including footpath routing.

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