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The VAG passenger app for public transport - a role model for other cities?

A few clicks on your cell phone and you're on the VAG (Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg) passenger app. The purpose of this free app: users of public transport can find and travel free of charge with other passengers who have a valid ticket with the option of taking other passengers along. With little effort, the passenger can save several euros in local public transport. Ticket sharer, on the other hand, whose sharing option would otherwise expire, has the opportunity to do good things and can network with people who have a common destination with them. No matter whether workplace, theater, music events or sporting events: a new, socially friendly form of contemporary mobility.


The new app as part of the sharing economy

The passenger app is primarily aimed at normal users of public transport. Last but not least, socially disadvantaged people can also benefit from the project. Because “sharing instead of owning” is currently finding an ever increasing response in ever larger sections of the population, as documented by car sharing and other offers in the sharing economy.

However, the social added value does not mean any disadvantage for the transport companies, since the tickets had already been sold anyway. Another plus: gaining prestige in public with the help of the project and reaching new, potential customers through digitalization. In addition, the passenger app is a good way for public transport companies to polish up their often tarnished image again. This results in a win-win situation for everyone involved.


No personal data

In order to prevent data misuse from the outset, no personal information is required for the app. That means: Providers and interested parties of the carpool use a so-called "digital self" without having to reveal their name, address, age, gender or telephone number.


Trend in the digital age

Responsible for the development of the passenger app: Sandor Senne from insertEFFECT. For the 29-year-old project manager, the use of the passenger app is very much in vogue: “In the digital age, this app offers public transport companies a great opportunity to make relationships with their customers more effective and to improve the company's image without much effort. A great thing. ”This app offer is by no means exclusively tailored to Nuremberg, but can also be used in modified form in other cities in Germany and Europe, and even worldwide: fresh wind in public transport with the rider app for free.

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